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07-Dec-2017 03:15

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I pulled her leg up to my face and began licking my way down her calve.

She bent her knee enough so that I could get lower to her feet.

When she was satisfied it was cleaned up, she pulled me to her and kissed me.

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She opened her eyes and looked at me with a puzzled look on her face. Sounds kinky." "Well........probably did it with your best friend when you didn't really even know what sex was, but just knew it felt good." "Dry Humping! Of course, at the time, it didn't even seem like sex.

But..........looking back on it, it was." "Tell me about it." "Well, it was in the summer. They had a screened in gazebo in the back yard, and we were 'camping out'.

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I do remember it felt really good and by the time she 'came', and I know she did, because her breathing stopped and she shuddered on top of me. I slowly pressed against Kelli, mashing her labia into mine, and causing her clit to try to sneak it's way between my lips.We must have cum three or four times as our sloppy holes leaked all over us.